Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Super AWESOME class!

      Near the beginning of the year I had a 2 day job for a fourth grade class.  They were so AMAZING.  They came into class quietly and go right to work on what I had written on the board.  There was some quiet chatting and whispering, but school had not started yet.  When the bell rang they got silent and all looked at me for directions.  I mean ALL.  There wasn't one student being distracting, or starring off into space.  No pair of girls were chatting and giggling.  It was like they were waiting for me to say the most interesting thing they were ever going to hear.  I figured it was just a fluke and it wouldn't me like that the rest of the day, but it was.  Every time I quietly asked for their attention, they went silent.  They followed all of my directions and did each and everything that I asked them to.  Both days were completely amazing and I had had some VERY BAD days previous to this class so I was SUPER thankful for these guys.  I bought them Frostys from Wendy's for a thank you at the end of the second day.  They totally deserved it!

       I got a call to work in that class again about two weeks later.  I was concerned that they would be expecting Frostys again.  But I should have known they were too polite to expect that.  In the morning, after roll call, I said, "Wow!  Everyone is here today and on time, that's great!"  As in most schools there was a reward chart if that happened.  One of the boys raised his hand and said, "Ms. Day, we all knew you were coming today and no one wanted to miss it!"  Another student raised her hand and said, "Don't worry Ms. Day we know that teacher's can't afford to bring us Ice Cream everyday.  But it was a nice treat."  This was followed by a chorus of "Thank Yous".

     I have now been back to that class 10 days.  The teacher goes to several meetings.  I feel like they are my class.  Maybe I will get super lucky and get a job as a fifth grade teacher at that school next year! 

What Did They Say!?

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