Friday, August 30, 2013

It's time!

Summer is winding down and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  Time to hear those early morning phone calls and rush off to a new school and a new class each day. 

The worst part of subbing, for me, is the unknown.  Will the class be friendly?  Will the teacher be prepared for me?

I always try to go prepared for the worse case scenario, and usually have lots of activities in my toolkit, just in case.

My newest is "This Is My Favorite Part".  It's an easy time filler. 
You could easily make one of these yourself, or I have made it for you and listed it on TPT for only $1.25.

All you do is read any book, or chapter from the class read aloud.  Give the students the worksheet and have them draw and write about it.  If you need to fill more time, have them share with the class.  You could easily fill 60 minutes with reading, writing and sharing time.  Or just fill an extra 10 minutes after reading a story.  The beauty is, you aren't just filling time, the kids are actually making connections to literature and writing.  The teacher is sure to appreciate that when she sees the pile of these cute drawings and descriptions.

Don't forget my other sub plans as well.

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