Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I lost the Plans!

It was like a circus!
So it finally happened.  I lost the days plans, never to be found again!  I think one of the Kindergartners took them home.  I know that one boy was very anxious about my writing a note to his teacher on the plans.  Maybe he swiped them.  I don't know.   I looked EVERYWHERE during my lunch.  I had a morning Kindergarten class that went pretty well, and in the afternoon I had 4 groups of students coming in and out of the classroom.  I was supposed to be teaching them all different things, pick them up from their classrooms, and return them to different classrooms or specials!!! I looked high and low, I asked for help from the partner teacher, I asked for her afternoon schedule from the office, and I tried to call her from the number the office gave me.  No Love!  I was completely on my own.  I waited until the first time, that I could remember and I hoped that the teacher would know that there was a sub.  She didn't, her kids were left alone in her classroom.  One of them finally came down looking for their teacher and then went back to get all of the rest.  They knew who was coming next, so I took them to where they were supposed to go, but no one was there!  I could go on like this.  Point being, sometimes you have to roll with it and HOPE everything turns out okay.  It did, as far as I know.  Hopefully there isn't still some kid waiting in an intervention room hoping for a teacher to show up!

     So maybe now I will copy the plans first thing and stash a copy, especially if they are complicated, like these!

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