Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Showing Movies.......

Usually when I sub for High School it is pretty boring.  Mostly because the students are testing or silent reading or watching a movie.  I have to sit there for period after period watching the kids read, or take a test.  It's not why I got into teaching, but it pays the bills.  Today the classes are watching part of a movie, which drives me kind of nuts to see the same 45 minutes of a movie over and over, but it was my favorite movie, so I thought, "No Problem". 

The Shawshank Redemption is NOT APPROPRIATE for school!!!  I  didn't even think about it as I was reading the sub notes, but guess what, there is sex, swearing, F Bombs, talk of sex, more talk of sex, rape, beatings, and yeah MORE.  I always watched it more for the story, but all of the details STAND OUT when watching it with a room of teenagers.   The kids seemed to know they were going to watch it, so they must have discussed it ahead of time, maybe got permission slips? Although some of the kids seemed really uncomfortable.
 It's not like they were reading the book.  I haven't seen Stephen King on the approved high school reading list yet.  It seems like a different movie could have been picked. 

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