Friday, April 19, 2013

Sign In - Sign Out

I've made my own sign in and out sheet.  I know that kids, older ones especially, want to try to take advantage of a sub teacher.  I look nice, and that can definetly be to  my personal disadvantage in subbing.  I made a sign in and out sheet that I use in every classroom and only allow one student to be gone at a time.  I also leave it for the teacher.  It's a good indicator of how long students are goine, etc.

It looks something like this.....

Ms D's Sign-Out Sheet

Name              Time Out      Time In        Reason For Leaving

______________      _____         _____          ___________________

It sits at the desk in front of me, so that they have to come up and ask before just walking out of the room.

Kids really want you to be one of those "nice" subs that just let them screw around and go anywhere and do anything.  There are plenty of those around.  But I may want a job in this district and I know that those subs get a reputation that is less than favorable.  Their behavior also makes it MUCH more difficult for subs who are actually trying to maintain a little continuity and do the job that we have been asked to do.

I'm Watching!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this! I am about to go into my first year of Substitute Teaching and I wouldn't thought of this on my own :)