Friday, November 2, 2012

Yesterday I won the title of "World's Most Awesome Substitute!"

How did I earn such a glorious honor, you might ask.  One full hour of  This website has GAMES!  Many of which have NOTHING to do with Math.   

I was really dreading working yesterday, it being the day after Halloween and all.  I had a sleepless night, not knowing what horrors would befall me.  When I came into the building I was shown a classroom.  I had worked in the same room last year and started looking for a new profession right after school.  Obviously I didn't find one and now I was beginning to regret it!  Thankfully the classrooms had changed and this was a different teacher with a different group of kids.  Great kids, funny kids, respectful kids who get quiet when you ask them to.  AMAZING!  Where they hyped up on candy?  Yes, and I assume they are even better when that isn't the case.  There was one problem student who I ended up sending to the office, but mostly because I thought he might be acting out because he wasn't feeling good.  He did fall asleep during the spelling test.

The day was changed around quite a bit because of an artist in residence visit, and we spent 2 hours in the afternoon working on an art project with 4 parent volunteers. 

Day After Halloween, Messed Up Sub Plans, and Long Art Project could really have made for a terrible day, but these kids made it great!  Of course that is mostly thanks to their teacher who is training them well.  I always add a Kudos to the teacher in my sub notes, when the class is great.

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