Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Teacher,

Dear Teaccher,

        Please do not cancel your substitute teacher at the last momnet.  It is likely that she turned down other jobs after recieving the call to be in your classroom.  When you cancel a job, that substitute might not be able to get another one.  That means she just lost $160, which would be the ability to pay a bill or feed her family.
     On a related note.  If you have a preferred sub who teaches your class in a way you like, help a sistah out and take a day off once in a while! Go got your hair done. ;-)

Thank you,

A Substitute Teacher!

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain.
    I once drove 30 miles for a job, braving a horrible roads in the process, only to find the entire building locked and dark. After several unanswered phone calls, and double checking the school's website for information, I eventually drove to a gas station nearby and asked the clerk about it.
    The school had canceled that day because of horrible weather. They have an automated system that calls all the parents/students, so they didn't bother to submit the closure to any news outlets.
    Obviously I was a little upset.