Saturday, April 14, 2012

That early morning call

Early Morning Telephone Call
When you get that early morning call, you know it's going to be an interesting day!

Yesterday I got a call at 7am.  You have to be there at 7:30! 

I am notorious for taking an hour to get ready in the morning, so I knew I would be late, but I also worked at that school in a non-teacher capacity for 2 1/2 years, so I figured they would forgive me a few minutes. 

I don't know how, but I actually made it on time.

I have been getting several late calls.  I don't know if I should take the job or not.  I assume that they know I won't be there on time, if they call me 5 minutes before the shift starts, but I don't want to assume anything.  I would hate to ruin my reputation by being late.

I guess I could get up and get dressed at 6am, just in case, but I am not a morning person and it is very hard to convince myself to do that when I'm tired.

Today I got a call from a school that is about an hour from my home.  The call came at 8am, to be there at 8am.

Even though I need the work, I figure the best thing to do is to let someone take the job who is ready to go and near to the school.

What I do to get ready faster.....
  •  Have a couple of outfits of appropriate clothes already put together
  • Have a bag packed with supplies for the day
    •  cereal bars
    • an orange 
    • a bottle of water
    • some cash to buy lunch if needed
  • Have some quick lunches in the fridge or freezer ready to grab and go.
  • Keep the car gassed up.
  • Get a good night's sleep!

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