Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eeking out a living...

Substitute teaching has been meager this year, at best.  I haven't been able to get many jobs and certainly not the ones that I am most excited about. 

I have had 5 job interviews recently.  Two for new subbing opportunities in the largest school district in our area and one for the Head Start program.  One was for a teaching job to cover the rest of the year and I already know I didn't get that one.  The last two are for directors at child care centers.  I have gone up for many of these types of jobs, but I keep getting the same line.  "We really liked you, but we feel that you would quit on us the minute a better job came along."  It's been almost three years, so....  It's not like I plan to stop pursuing teaching, but I have 15 years of experience in this area and I can do a fantastic job in a child care situation. 

It's frustrating, one job says I have too much education and experience and the next job says I don't have enough experience.  I'm caught in the middle and it's driving me a bit crazy!  Oh, and broke too!  Don't forget about that!  I took out a loan to pay my bills.  I haven't paid a penny on my student loans yet and things aren't looking too good.

Just in case you wanted a downer today.  You're welcome!

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