Saturday, September 1, 2012

School Is In Session

Here in the Northwest, school starts the day after Labor Day for most schools.  Summer, I will miss you dearly.  I love to stay up late!  I hate hearing the phone ring at 5am, even if it means work.  I have tried like crazy to get a job for this school year, and it just hasn't happened.  Nearly every district in my state laid people off and the hiring they are doing is mostly bringing those laid off back on the job.  I can't even get a part time Instructional Assistant job.  I don't feel cut out for subbing.  Friends of mine enjoyed subbing so much this year that they didn't even try to get a job.

I am going to keep applying for everything, and hopefully something will come up.  A Superintendent friend of mine told me that the best time for new teachers to get a job is after the school year has started.  Many schools add teachers after the year starts because the numbers allow for another classroom.  He said not to give up hope, so I will try not to.

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