Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

It's almost time to go back to school.  Don't forget to get registered for subbing in all of your neighborhood districts.

Not enough work?

Think about alternative sources for subbing jobs.....
  • Private Schools
    • You may not need to follow a certain religious principle to be a sub at a teligious school.
  • Charter Schools
    • Many of these schools do not use district substitute sources.  Contact them personally.
  • Classified
    • Subbing for Instructional Assistant, Afterschool Programs, Library and more.  These jobs don't pay as much but they are good fill in.
  • Preschool/Daycare
    • Preschools and Daycares are always in the market for substitutes.  Again, the pay will be less than districts, but a good way to cover the bills.
  • Children's Museums
    • Science and Play Museums often need extra help when they have big events or particularly busy times.
  • Make yourself more Marketable

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