Friday, March 9, 2012

Math is Hard!

People really gave Barbie a hard time when she said, "Math is hard!"  All the poor girl was trying to do was admit that she had a few faults.  The thing is, she was right!

Recently, I subbed for a math teacher at a middle school.  He left me a work sheet to go over with the students and asked me to put some examples on the board.  Um....uh....did I mention that I am an elementary teacher?  I looked at all of the letters, numbers and symbols on that sheet and I began to sweat!  Thankfully, when I went to turn on the camera and projector, he had left a sheet with the examples. 

Some students had a few questions, and I directed them to try and figure it out with another student who was having the same problem.  Thankfully that worked! 

Plus, it's Junior High, so.....

Quote from a seventh grade boy, "Hey substitute lady!  Do you think my tractor's sexy?" 

Ugh!  It was quite a day.

I brought a copy of the math worksheet home with me to see if I could do it, and check the answers on line.  I've been avoiding my homework for quite some time now! 

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